Mythic Mug – Lion’s Brew Can Holder

Mythic Mug – Lion’s Brew Can Holder

The Mythic Mug Lion’s Brew Can Holder has become a must print for a lot of 3D Printers. The design quality is amazing and depending on your filament choice, it can really be stunning. I printed this one in Geeetech Glitter Blue PLA which I really like. I had never used Geeetech filament so I was uncertain how the quality would be but I was pleasantly surprised. Printed with 0.2mm layer height, the look and feel actually seems more like 0.12mm or 0.18mm.

The mug can support the following sizes as is but can be scaled up 10.625% to support 23oz, 23.5oz and 25oz cans. When downloaded from Thingiverse, the file contains inserts depending on the intended can size.

330ml/11.3oz (both regular and sleek)
355ml/12oz (both regular, sleek and bottles)
500ml/16.9oz (fits with no insert used)

OR, scale the mug up by 10.625% and it will be able to hold:
23oz, 23.5oz and 25oz (73mm diameter cans).

Printed at 0.2mm layer height, 2 perimeter shells, 60mm/s with a 15% Gyroid infill took around 23 hours to complete on my Ender 3 Pro.

Print this, you won’t be disappointed!

Mythic Mugs – Lion’s Brew – Can Holder / Storage Container ( MMU / multi-material version added) by ArsMoriendi3D – Thingiverse