About MoJee

For those who don’t know me or my site, welcome to MoJee3D! My name is Corey and I have been 3D printing for over a decade. During those years, being from Maine, I found it difficult to engage or find others in the 3D printing community, unless online. Where I am from, for a long time it seemed like most people interested in the hobby were just College kids looking for something to do. Most places that housed labs with Printers, were on campus somewhere and few people had them at home. As time progressed, and 3D printing became more popular, I have had the pleasure of talking to many about the hobby while helping them research and select their first printer. I started MoJee3D to develop an outlet for me to share my passion of 3D printing with others in the hobby and to reach outside my local area. As an advocate for all things 3D printing, my ultimate goal is to inform and educate others about 3D printing and all that it can offer. As a lifelong maker and tinkerer, I enjoy trying, testing new things by posting my thoughts through product reviews, tips, tricks and just fun stuff!

— Corey aka MoJee