3D Printing Small Pelican style cases or ruggedized boxes.

3D Printing Small Pelican style cases or ruggedized boxes.

Like Adam Savage, I have always been fascinated by cases and boxes of all shapes and sizes. One case/box in particular is the Pelican style case. Used for carrying an assortment of goods from firearms, flashlights, fishing gear, drones or used as a cooler, Pelican cases are a handy way to transport goods safely and in a cool way. But, they are expensive and large. So, can you 3D print smaller more cost effective versions? Why of course you can!

One model I found particularly well designed was the Rugged Box by Whity on Printables.com. As a parametric box template, it can be customized to fit your specific needs. The template allows you to adjust the size and dimensions of the box, as well as the thickness and spacing of the material, so that you can create a box that will provide optimal protection for your items during transportation and handling.

Additionally, the box is designed to be sturdy and durable, with reinforced edges and corners that can withstand the rigors of transportation and handling.

The designer also provides detailed instructions on how to assemble the box, including step-by-step illustrations and tips on how to ensure that the box is properly sealed and secured. Assembly only requires (6) M3*30 bolts. The download also includes an .STL to print a TPU seal to keep the case water tight which is awesome. He also provides links to other cases/boxes that his design was modeled after.

Overall, the Rugged Box by Whity appears to be a high-quality and customizable case that you can print at any size. Small, Medium or large, depending on your printers build size.